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Market Development

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, needed a single aligned narrative to support market development efforts with a multi-stakeholder audience. We worked together to develop a narrative outlining key market development themes and calls to action for market changes to achieve success. We tested the narrative with payers, healthcare professionals, policy opinion leaders and patients to confirm it told a clear and compelling story across audiences.

FDA Approval

Our client was preparing to announce a drug approval with a complicated backstory. We assessed the opportunities and risks associated with their upcoming announcement and recommended a multi-stakeholder communications approach to tell a complete and cohesive story to an interconnected stakeholder audience.


Pharma Brand Support

We provided the social media expertise our client needed for the successful launch of an unbranded program supporting their first commercial product. An education-driven campaign, we focused on developing the right messaging and materials to evolve the social media and traditional media conversation about a misunderstood yet addressable drug side effect.


Issues Management

In an environment of drug pricing scrutiny, we developed a tool to help our pharmaceutical client assess and anticipate the drivers of risk in drug pricing decision-making and communications. The tool uses a combined qualitative and quantitative framework to determine how a pricing action might be perceived by external stakeholders in the context of an evolving environment.


Company or Therapeutic Franchise Narrative

Our proprietary approach to narrative development involves a mix of research, reporting, workshopping, and co-created and individual content development. Our clients have praised our ability to “work magic” where others have failed by encouraging dialogue and building consensus even among individuals with long- and strongly-held differing opinions about language and positioning.


Landscape Assessment

Our pharmaceutical client sought to gain a more in-depth and nuanced understanding of the policy and advocacy environment in which they were operating. Through secondary research we outlined the environmental dynamics in each market, including policymaking, treatment practices and public debate, and the influencers and activities to prioritize for further evaluation. Primary interviews of advocacy organization policy directors in target markets provided further detail on the environment and related challenges and opportunities.


Corporate Branding

As our client prepared for an important pivot point in their development – shifting from a pre-commercial company to a company with positive Phase 3 data and a clear path forward – we conducted a thorough research project to define a dynamic new brand and visual identity.