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Consulting and communications to help organizations navigate the path to growth

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Our Industries

Our Strategy Consulting & Communications Industry Expertise

As a leading strategy consulting and communications firm, we work closely with clients in various industry sectors to develop strategies and communications programs that will achieve their goals. In-depth knowledge of an industry is critical to successful client partnerships. In healthcare, for example, in order to create behavior change, we need a deep understanding about the relationship between patients and healthcare providers, the regulatory/compliance environment and the role digital or social media is playing in shaping patient information-seeking behavior. Understanding industry dynamics helps us create programming that is tailored to a client’s operating environment.  


We’re passionate about transforming healthcare to create better outcomes for patients, through strategy consulting and strategic communications. We bring decades of experience to our work with clients in the biopharmaceutical, biotech, and hospitals/health systems space. We work with boards, executive teams, and leaders in commercial, corporate communications, medical affairs, and public affairs to develop insight-based programming to help their teams advance their goals. We work on a wide range of projects including brand strategy, market development, narrative development, optimizing a communications function, communications planning, disease awareness campaigns, product launches, and patient advocacy engagement.
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The technology sector is all about creating the services and technologies that improve daily life. But even the most perfectly designed piece of breakthrough engineering needs a strong brand strategy and an activation plan to reach B2B partners and/or users. Whether new technology is SaaS, cloud-based technology, Big Data/AI or some other advance, our strategy consulting and communications firm helps companies design messaging and communications campaigns to drive clarity and passion among their key audiences. 


As a mission-driven strategy consulting and communications company, we often help non-profit organizations optimize their communications and advancement infrastructure. We work with non-profit organizations in healthcare, education, and technology to define and activate their brands, reposition their organizations, and develop messaging and activation campaigns.