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Consulting and communications to help organizations navigate the path to growth

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Communications and Consulting Firm

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We help organizations navigate the path to growth

The organizational journey is full of surprises and challenges. We meet you wherever you are.

our offerings

Why our approach is different

Our communications and consulting firm uses insights, facilitated team work and a strategic approach to problem-solving that yields new tools and capabilities.

How we do it
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Our Areas of Expertise

We emphasize five elements – research, communications, engagement, systems and facilitation – to help our clients in a variety of ways that are tailored to their specific needs and the moment of their organizational journey.

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Our research illuminates what is happening in the world and how we can create meaningful change

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Our research insights help craft the stories that inspire stakeholders to action

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We determine the most aligned and impactful partners and the best ways to collaborate

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We create sustainable systems that help organizations learn, adapt and continuously improve

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We help teams build common frameworks for understanding issues, break through challenges and align for action

Featured news and insights

We are always thinking about the challenges our clients face and how we can address them.

  • Orangefiery is pleased to share our inaugural sponsorship of IPR’s Best Master’s Thesis of the Year Award, which recognizes and encourages graduate study and scholarship in public relations through an annual award for an outstanding Master’s thesis. On

  • As a college senior working towards a dual degree in public relations and policy studies, a part-time intern, and an account supervisor for SU’s on-campus PR firm, Hill Communications, the transition to working remotely in March 2020 was difficult. This is

  • In the last week, Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna both announced results from two COVID-19 Phase 3 clinical trials showing efficacy of greater than 90 percent. According to company press releases, the trials showed no significant safety issues. (Full publication

Who we are

Get to know our team and learn why we’re not your typical agency.

Meet the team

Why our clients choose us

Having Mike and the Orangefiery team guide us through the processes of engagement, alignment, and communication as we pivoted towards commercial readiness was invaluable. Having seen this at many companies, they could see trouble spots or areas to focus on often before we did and moved us through the process faster and more efficiently than if we attempted to drive it ourselves.

Barbara Troupin, MD, MBA
Former Chief Medical Officer, Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The Orangefiery team are generous thought partners and collaborative strategists. We’ve turned to them at the most critical times in our growth. They are problem-solving partners who help us think at a higher level. I would highly recommend them when you need communications advisers with deep experience, wide perspective and agility.

Katie Tamony
Chief Communications & Culture Officer, Alluma

We brought in Orangefiery in the middle of a re-branding effort when we were spinning our wheels. With their tools, intellectual firepower and creativity, the Orangefiery team moved us forward. The result was a more complete set of end-products. Even more important, the process helped elevate our thinking about how our clients see us and how we see ourselves.

Seth Rosenfield
Managing Partner, Hudson Growth Partners

Working with Orangefiery to develop our core narrative, which was a new way of characterizing the disease and our commercial strategy in that context, was a truly valuable exercise. This was the foundational piece of our marketing and commercial strategy and a novel approach to the traditional marketing playbook.

Therapeutic Area Lead
Liver Disease, Top 20 Biopharmaceutical Company

We needed a firm with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and our specific mission around helping patients that were facing high medical out-of-pocket costs. Orangefiery’s work around our messaging and crisis plan development was exactly what we needed to help us explain what we did and how we did it to our donors and other stakeholders.

Mark McGreevy
Chief Executive Officer, The Assistance Fund