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Market Development & Brand Narrative for Therapuetic Client


the client challenge

Preparing to enter into a new therapeutic territory, our client needed a core narrative developed to support speaking with one voice to multiple stakeholders across internal and external communications globally, emphasizing the clinical and economic benefits of treating a specific patient sub-population for NASH (liver disease).

the approach


-Gathered and assessed relevant research and resources on file

-Met with cross-functional representatives to secure input on stakeholder POVs and needs/gaps in understanding; workshopped stakeholder perceptions, barriers and potential benefits


-Drafted straw man narrative; pressure tested internally


-Tested narrative via qualitative research with healthcare providers, payers, policymakers, and patients to deepen understanding of beliefs and barriers, gain insights and feedback on narrative themes, assess evidence and support needed to achieve desired calls to action, and understand communications dos and don’ts


-Developed a core brand narrative and accompanying rollout guide summarizing the company’s NASH market development POV:

  • Narrative (the NASH story)
  • Lexicon
  • Key data points and citations

the result

Core narrative and lexicon was rolled out across countries to support consistent internal and external communications about the company and NASH across stakeholders.