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Consulting and communications to help organizations navigate the path to growth

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How we do it

Strategic Communications Consulting

Our strategic communications consulting firm utilizes a proprietary approach to help organizations build a strong foundation rooted in insights, create alignment among leadership teams, and scale quickly around communications assets and creative programming that can be sustained over time.

Our Areas of Expertise

We emphasize five elements – research, communications, engagement, systems and facilitation – to help our clients in a variety of ways that are tailored to their specific needs and the moment of their organizational journey.

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Our research illuminates what is happening in the world and how we can create meaningful change

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Strategic Communications

Our research insights help craft the stories that inspire stakeholders to action

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Stakeholder Engagement

We determine the most aligned and impactful partners and the best ways to collaborate

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We create sustainable systems that help organizations learn, adapt and continuously improve

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Planning & Facilitation

We help teams build common frameworks for understanding issues, break through challenges and align for action


We combine the insights and decision-making tools of strategy consulting with public relations expertise

The Orangefiery Engagement Pathway

Orange Orangefiery halo attached to four stacked horizontal lines, each detailing a different communications function offering: (from top to bottom) Discover (conduct landscape research), Align (partnership with client team), Create (craft stories and activate plans) and Embed (create new tools and capabilities for clients).

Our strategic communications consulting firm utilizes tools and approaches that place an emphasis on clearly defining a problem, leveraging insights, articulating goals, aligning teams, developing a strategy and executing with precision. We do these things because we know they produce results.