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Orangefiery a Finalist for PRWeek Healthcare Innovation Award

Big news! Orangefiery has been shortlisted for a PRWeek Healthcare Award in the Best in Health Innovation category for our rebranding work for Lyndra Therapeutics. This project was one of our favorites of recent years. We were brought in to lead a brand refresh as the company prepared to enter a pivotal program on its remarkable technology, a drug delivery platform that enables once weekly oral dosing, with the potential for even longer dosing windows in the future.

The drug delivery platform is truly an engineering marvel. It is designed as an oral capsule that dissolves once it is in the gut and expands in size to a shape that does not interfere with normal gastric functioning, but stays in the stomach, releasing medication until it is programmed to dissolve and exit the stomach.

We had to match this extraordinary design with something that was compelling and yet also reflected the evolution of the company from an engineering-focused company to a company that would be developing drugs for potentially large numbers of people living with chronic diseases and health conditions. We interviewed a broad range of stakeholders and developed insights, designed a new corporate brand that blended old and new elements, and launched the brand in March 2022. We also did the naming for their technology: the LYNX™ drug delivery platform. Following that, we built a complete foundation of communications assets, including a new corporate video, a 3D animated video about the LYNX™ delivery system and a new website. We also kicked off a media relations program that has led to a steady drumbeat of news coverage for the company and a leading industry award for innovation. We’ve continued to support the team with thought leadership, social media and other ongoing efforts to bring the new brand to life.

None of this could have been done without our partners at Lyndra. They shared their creativity generously and were incredibly discerning throughout the creative process. They were open to our suggestions, but they kept us honest on the (fascinating) science of pharmacokinetics and the engineering behind their breakthrough. The client partnership is critical to everything we produce, and we’re so grateful to have the chance to work with people with such bold ambitions who are truly devoted to creating – as we say in our tagline for the corporate brand – “Medicine, Reinvented.”

Telling innovation stories is exciting. The Lyndra story is a rich tapestry woven of many fabrics: a truly groundbreaking drug delivery innovation; determination and resilience; a commitment to diversity and inclusivity; a team that values collaboration and empathy. We’re thrilled to be a part of the expression of their work and culture.

This is our first PRWeek award submission. We can see there are other great finalists in our category. So we may not win. But as they say, it’s an honor even to be considered. We look forward to finding out who wins on May 24, 2023 during the PRWeek Healthcare Conference and Award Ceremony.

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