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Diana Dopfel

Diana has more than 15 years of communications and consulting experience, with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry. In this time, she has worked closely with clients at pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospital systems, patient and professional advocacy organizations, and healthcare industry professional services companies, among others.


Diana enjoys research, analysis and problem solving alongside our clients working in the complex multi-stakeholder environments of healthcare, clinical development and technology. She is a dedicated client partner who excels at project management and developing systems and processes for diverse teams. For example, she has worked with clients to build new communications and advocacy engagement functions within growing organizations; established coalitions partnering industry, nonprofits and other stakeholders looking to work together to achieve common goals; and created an innovation initiative for a pharmaceutical company looking to shift culture and expand its innovation capabilities.


Fun facts:

– Diana loves adventurous travel (she’s been to about 40 countries), although friends have not yet given up on convincing her of the virtues of a beach vacation

– Diana once thought she’d like to go into medicine. She volunteered with a hospital and research lab and worked as a neurology clinical trial coordinator while completing a post-bacc pre-med program

– Although Diana has lived in NYC since 2005, she’s always slightly happier in nature



– Master’s in strategic communications from Columbia University

– Post-baccalaureate pre-medical courses from Stony Brook University

– Bachelor’s in communication studies from Northeastern University