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Crisis and Issues Management

In today’s complex business environment, reputational risk has multiplied and a brand’s performance in the face of a crisis or emergent issue can make or break a company. Business leaders and healthcare organizations today recognize that a crisis is inevitable. What matters is how prepared your organization is and how agile it can be in its crisis management response.

We help our clients map potential crisis issues and develop norms and governance around crisis detection, evaluation and escalation. And we help clients prepare for crisis response, through crisis simulations and learning forums designed to enhance performance.

As a crisis communication firm, we partner with our clients to:

Facilitate issues management and preparedness workshops to understand and align on potential risk categories and gaps in preparedness

Map and prioritize potential risks

Prepare issues response messaging aligned with high priority risks

Create simulation exercises for cross-functional teams

Conduct message training and mock interviews to ensure comfort with messaging and responding to tough questions

Although we work across all industries, our agency specializes in healthcare crisis communications & issues management.

Case study: Issues preparedness

An illustrated graphic of a pyramid titled “Core Message Themes for Issues Response.” Top tier is “access,” middle tier is “patient centric, independent and disease focused” and bottom tier is “regulated, operational excellence and transparent.”

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