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Corporate Brand Strategy Consulting

Your brand is much more than a logo. It’s a multi-dimensional representation of who you are as an organization, and it embodies both what you stand for and what you offer to those who engage with you. 

Given a brand’s importance and complexity, we take a thorough and detailed approach to corporate brand development. Pulling from our background in journalism and communications, we combine research and analytical thinking with creative design and marketing to build brands that stand the test of time.

Our Approach to Corporate Brand Development

Our four-step approach to brand building includes research and insights, clearly defined brand positioning, creative design and development of a comprehensive package of brand assets, and a complete brand launch strategy. 

Brand Insights

We start by learning your perceptions and aspirations for your brand. We then compare those perceptions with external perspectives we gather via a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, to create a comprehensive set of brand insights.

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Brand Positioning

Guided by the information gathered during the corporate brand insights exercise, we develop your brand role, attributes, tensions and narrative through a combination of synthesis and workshops with your internal leadership team.

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Brand Visual Identity

Using creative design and analytical thinking, we empower your organization to make smart creative choices and build a strong visual identity that resonates with stakeholders and aligns with your brand role, tensions, attributes and narrative.

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Brand Activation

More than simply delivering your brand assets and usage guidelines, we think about your brand in a multi-channel way, and work through every aspect of your brand launch, or re-launch, with a clear plan and brand activation strategy.

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Build a Powerful Brand with Orangefiery

When your brand is well thought out and clearly defined, your stakeholders are more likely to connect, remember, and engage with it. To build a brand that truly resonates, complete the form below or give us a call at 415-384-8677

While we specialize in brand development for healthcare, pharmaceuticals/biopharma, and biotech, we also provide world-class services to a wide range of partners in other fields.

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