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Preparing for commercialization offering

When innovation efforts yield fruit, expectations shift and the future success of the enterprise becomes tangible. When a company determines it is time to prepare for commercialization, the importance of multiple stakeholders – investors, customers, suppliers, regulators and communities – also comes into focus.

For companies preparing for commercialization for the first time, there is a lot to create. Commercial and medical organizations need to be built. Key roles need to be filled, market research needs to be conducted and operating plans need to be created. This requires a clear vision for the future, alignment across all the functions of the business, and a multi-stakeholder commercialization strategy that supports a significant increase in external stakeholder engagement and activity.

We are experts at facilitating a dialogue among executive teams about the set of things that are critical for success – internal milestones, external visibility moments, stakeholder expectations, key vectors that signal progress – and developing a carefully coordinated strategic plan to help address the needs and unlock the possibilities of each audience in sequence over time.

More specifically, we consult with clients preparing for commercialization to:

– Align their organizations around action 

– Ensure foundational elements are in place, such as messaging and lexicon, landscape and stakeholder insights, communications norms and governance, milestones and scenario planning, corporate and clinical trial branding

– Coordinate important stakeholder engagements, such as investors, media and advocacy relations, website and social media development, congress planning 

– Develop tools to support (and often execute) market development, disease awareness, HCP engagement and market access efforts  

Product communications

The journey through pre-clinical and clinical trials, regulatory milestones and product launch can be long and complex. We support multi-stakeholder communications for pharmaceutical and biotech companies at any stage of the research and commercialization process. We partner with our clients to:

– Develop brand milestone messaging and related content 

– Coordinate spokesperson development and message training 

– Promote data milestones through earned media, medical conference activities, R&D days and other events  

– Interact and share information with diverse stakeholder groups

Disease awareness communications

Our pharmaceutical and biotech partners play an important role in educating communities about the medical conditions they are focused on. In addition to indicating a company’s commitment to a disease area, disease awareness efforts increase knowledge and understanding, create new hope and bring together patient communities. We partner with our clients to:

– Assess disease understanding and unmet needs 

– Strategize on opportunities to fulfill unmet needs and make a meaningful impact, working together with KOL and/or advocacy partners 

– Execute disease awareness plans, from digital/social media campaigns to in-person conferences and events

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Navigating inflection points

An inflection point is a moment when something foundational in a business is about to change. For leaders who look for inflection points and have the foresight to act at the right time, an inflection point can create great new opportunities for companies to make strategic shifts, grow and thrive. We partner with our clients to: 

– Conduct multi-modal research (e.g., desk research, interviews with organizational leaders and those “at the edges of the organization,” interviews with third parties) to understand potential inflection point scenarios 

– Facilitate conversations to define and prioritize potential inflection point scenarios  

– Establish systems to scan the environment for trigger points that might indicate an inflection point is coming