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Corporate Narrative Development

A corporate narrative is a foundational tool for any organization to guide its communications efforts. Narratives ensure all messaging and materials that are developed are aligned around the same core ideas and are essential to creating impact-driving content, from a winning investor deck to a consumer-facing video to social media posts, and more.


What is a Corporate Narrative?

A strong corporate narrative describes why a company exists and the mission and values that drive it forward, while keeping in mind the vision for change that the company wants to create in the world. A strong corporate narrative is unique and compelling enough to be differentiated among external stakeholders, but authentic enough to be true to employees and other internal stakeholders. 


Why is Strategic Narrative Development Important?

A strategic narrative is one part of a core foundation of communications materials that will guide any communications activities that follow. Developing the narrative at the outset of a communications program ensures that the ‘who, what, when, where and why” of the company can be found in one place. It is also used to inform the development of other core communications assets.  This results in consistent messaging across multiple, complex channels.


Developing the Corporate Narrative Strategy

A strong narrative starts with the audience in mind. For a corporate narrative, this means both employees and external stakeholders. Understanding their behavior and views on the “issues space” of your company is an essential part of the research that informs narrative development.

Then we consider what your company is trying to achieve.  What is the context of your operating environment? What gaps or barriers do you seek to address? What is the change you want to accelerate? How do you plan to achieve it? 


Answering these questions enables us to develop a corporate narrative tailored to your business goals and accurately inform the messaging used across multiple assets and channels. We use our process to identify the right narrative arc for your company, bearing in mind that you are still writing your story, and identify the key elements that will mark your forward progress.

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