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Public Relations & Communications Strategy

For some, communications is a tactic: Create message. Hit send. Reach target. Repeat. 

We view PR and communications strategy differently. To us, it’s a strategic tool to help an organization achieve its goal. We start with a single question: what do we want to achieve? From there, we develop an insights-based strategy to achieve the goal. 

We use a number of tools as part of our communications efforts. Here is a breakdown of our approach:

Corporate Narrative Development:

We believe in the power of narratives and have a proprietary process for building them. Our narratives are sense-making tools that tell the story of a company, issue or product and the impact it will have on the world. Learn more.

Communications Research:

As a starting point, we seek to fully understand your organization, the stakeholders who matter most, and what you want those stakeholders to know/do/think about your organization and its work. We deploy a range of quantitative and qualitative tools to obtain key information that informs how we approach each client’s particular needs. (If clients have existing research and insights, we weave those into our process.)

Messaging Development:

Utilizing the narrative as a foundation, we create the messaging and lexicon to be used across all assets of a PR or communications strategy, ensuring that the language is clear, memorable, accessible, and engaging for your target audiences.

Communications Planning:

Here we create the “how” of a communications action plan. Building communications tools, creating stakeholder engagement efforts and deploying communications campaigns to achieve the goals. Our plans are clear and actionable, and they drive results.

Communications Campaign Development:

If it will help achieve our goals, we’ll develop a creative campaign. Whether the focus is a product, an issue or brand awareness, our campaigns begin with a captivating launch, and continue to drive change over time. 

Thought Leadership:

Elevating executives and their organizations to the forefront of a topic or industry is about more than ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. We develop a tailored thought leadership platform that targets the intersection of an executive’s experience and the public conversation. By distributing thought leadership content across multiple channels, we build reputation based on trust and expertise. Learn more.

Communications Assets:

There are many different ways to tell a story, from video and 3D animation to blogs and op-eds. We consider not only the right communication formats, but also the best channels and timing to deliver the most impact.

Stakeholder Engagement:

We know that building relationships with the stakeholders that influence your world is critical. As part of our efforts, we develop plans to identify the right stakeholders for your efforts, and engage them on activities that are aligned and impactful.

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Our expertise in these areas means we can help any organization drive impact and affect change both internally and externally. See how our research, narrative and messaging development, communications planning, campaign and asset development, thought leadership, and PR and communications strategy services can drive meaningful results for your organization by completing the form below or giving us a call at 415-384-8677.

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