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PrEP Policy Landscape Research


The Client Challenge

The policy and advocacy environment around PrEP was complex, and the influencers of the debate include many players, often taking unexpected positions. Our client sought to better understand the advocacy and policy environment around PrEP in five key markets, plus the federal level, to inform future activities.

The Approach


-We conducted secondary research to identify the major elements of the PrEP policy landscape from the lens of the federal or local governments, legislatures, healthcare system actors and/or third-party groups who were active in that debate, as well as those with direct or indirect influence on the system/the major policy initiatives under consideration. Information sources included state and federal agency and legislative websites; websites of professional and advocacy groups; media, journals and other publications.


-Our analysis of the key players in the system and their current influence and activities included notation of city/regional variation, with the development of detailed score cards for each of five priority markets plus federal. We also performed a gap analysis of initiatives not currently on the policy agenda, but that could be helpful for advancing PrEP policies, and identified the main barriers to overcome to improve PrEP perception and uptake.

-Based on the research findings, we recommended a strategic approach and sample tactics for improving PrEP awareness and perception by audience.

The Result

The client gained an understanding of PrEP perceptions in key markets and related opportunities and challenges. The company began building market engagement tactics with this information and requested additional research on advocacy organizations’ points of view, due to their high level of influence.


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