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Successful Market Development Strategy for a Product Launch

The Client Challenge

Our client prepared to launch a first-in-class therapy for hyperkalemia, a potentially life-threatening condition that had not seen a new treatment option in 50 years. They sought to better understand the opportunities for reaching and educating clinicians and at-risk patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and heart failure (HF) about hyperkalemia and a new treatment option. The first step in preparation was to gather relevant data to support our market development strategy for the product launch.

The Approach


–  We began by conducting a landscape assessment of the advocacy environment in the relevant therapeutic areas. Via executive interviews and desk research.
–  We identified specific company priorities for collaboration efforts. We identified organizations and initiatives relating to chronic kidney disease and heart failure that had the potential to elevate hyperkalemia as a priority for clinical management and inform the discussion of how to best treat at-risk patients.
–  After selecting the advocacy groups with the greatest ability to engage patients at risk for
hyperkalemia and elevate the conversation, we conducted a listening tour and road show to understand their priorities and potential opportunities to work together.


–  We identified three highly impactful opportunities to collaborate with four different groups on 1) creating a new burden of disease model with a consortium of academic experts and 2) creating new educational resources (disease-related brochures and lifestyle resources) for patients.


–  We established a unique partnership with the Chronic Kidney Disease Prognosis Consortium (CKD-PC), a research group of investigators from around the world, to increase focus on the natural history of hyperkalemia and produce new research.
–  We collaborated with the National Kidney Foundation to create new and
updated patient and HCP materials about hyperkalemia for their website.
–  We collaborated with the AAKP to create an educational brochure and series of
recipe cards for patients.

The Results

Our custom approach was able to support a successful product launch that positioned the product favorably within its market. Some benefits resulting from activation of the market development strategy for the product launch included:

–  Comprehensive assessment of all advocacy organizations in CKD, HF and type 2 diabetes in the US; new relationships with top groups.
–  New and updated patient and HCP materials from the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) on hyperkalemia and new lifestyle tips and resources from the American Association of Kidney Patients. Research showed the collaboratively-developed content was viewed as highly credible and valued.
–  Unique partnership with CKD-PC leading to increased focus on the natural history of the disease and 7 abstracts and posters on hyperkalemia incidence, prevalence and costs; quick establishment of the burden of disease and restart of a public dialogue about the risks and costs of hyperkalemia.
–  Sponsorship of the Kidney Health Initiative, a public-private congress to build consensus on the treatment of people living with kidney disease.

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