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Market Development: Using 3D Video to Prepare the Market for a New Drug Delivery Platform

The Client Challenge

A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company was developing a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind oral drug delivery platform that worked across multiple APIs. However, it was challenging to explain. A sophisticated, high-quality, scientifically and technologically accurate 3D visualization of how the drug delivery platform worked was imperative to successfully develop the market and tell the platform’s story to growing audiences.

The Approach

Analyzing the Market & Creating a Plan

Our team began by surveying the client about their needs, goals and anticipated use cases for an animation/visualization of how the drug delivery platform worked. Based on this research, we recommended the development of a 3D animated video for use primarily with investors, potential BD partners and other industry experts, but that would also be digestible to a broad lay audience.

We began by working with our creative director and client to align on the goals, content, messaging and storyboard. The project was “atypical” in that it wasn’t a traditional MOA video, and it required a significant amount of new animation of gastrointestinal, biomedical, and chemical engineering concepts to bring it to life. We coordinated with our client’s technical experts and conducted research to ensure accurate understanding of the technology and how it interacts with the digestive system.

Driving the Market Development Process

Orangefiery wrote the initial script for the video and coordinated review with our client’s technical experts and executive team to ensure it was technically accurate and included appropriate corporate and product key messages. We then worked with our creative director on the development of the animated video from the initial script.

Following the technical briefings, we coordinated the development of storyboards and design concepts. We led a collaborative review process to iterate on the many nuanced scientific details about the technology and how it worked throughout the development and editing process.

In addition to the 3D animation, we provided professional voiceover and graphics support. Throughout the process, Orangefiery directed the multi-step review process to ensure the final product was scientifically accurate and met the client’s needs.

Launching the Video & Engaging with Stakeholders

With the video complete, we switched our attention to getting it in front of the people who mattered. We created both captioned and non-captioned versions, loaded the video to YouTube and Vimeo, and featured it on the client’s website. Versions appropriate for use at medical meetings and other live conferences and small group discussions were created.

The video was featured in several social media posts. It was also shared with target investors, BD prospects and reporters. High-quality still images from the video were created for use when sharing the live video wasn’t possible.

The Result

The end product – a two-minute animated video illustrating how the client’s technology worked in detail – provided a powerful tool for all employees to be able to thoroughly and consistently explain the company’s technology to external stakeholders. This was at a point in time when securing new interest in the company, including among investors and BD partners, was critical. We received feedback from several external stakeholders that the video significantly improved their understanding of the company, its technology and its promise to revolutionize oral drug delivery.

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