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Planning to Operationalize Customer Centricity


the client challenge

Our client’s internal and external environment was changing. The company needed to maintain its position as the medical and countermeasures (MCM) vaccines leader and establish itself as the leader in the travel health market. As part of the company’s five-year strategic planning process, leadership identified customer centricity as a strategic pillar for a specific business unit (BU). However, there were a number of barriers to operationalizing customer centricity on a consistent basis across the BU

the approach


-Working with BU leadership, created a cross-functional “customer centricity workstream” to understand the perception of the company from the POV of the BU customer base and to develop a framework for operationalizing customer centricity.

-Interviewed eight individuals from multiple business units and 13 external stakeholders representing the viewpoints of travel health and MCM customers; conducted three stakeholder mapping workshops and an audit of internal documents to determine brand equities valued by customers, define a customer centric approach for the company and propose ways to implement it.


-Summarized research (workshops, qualitative internal and external interviews and internal materials audit) and developed customer centricity framework for the BU to follow over the next five years.


-Presented customer centricity research findings during 2025 BU Strategic Planning workshop and ensured integration into the five year BU strategic plan.

-Provided slides for customer centricity workstream leads and BU leadership to present to executives to secure support.

the result

The BU leadership team gained a cross-function, cross-office understanding of what customers need and want, and how to operationalize customer centricity to achieve business objectives.


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