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Biopharmaceutical Brand Strategy Development & Activation

The Client Challenge

Lyndra Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering long-acting oral therapies, needed new branding to keep pace with the company’s cutting-edge design, engineering and materials science innovation, as well as its aspiration to reinvent how oral medicines are delivered. Lyndra’s new brand and visual identity needed to evolve the company from a highly scientific and investor-directed logo to a brand that would attract and engage a wider audience.

The Approach

Gathering Brand Insights & Defining Brand Positioning

The strategic planning and research process revealed that Lyndra had an established, if small, media presence and some name recognition in limited relevant circles. This brand equity demanded that the new brand represent an evolution of the prior brand to maintain the scientific strength of the company, while making it appealing to broader audiences.

  • As part of the brand insight strategy, Orangefiery led initial conversations with key stakeholders inside and outside of the company, including board members, executives, investors, partners and key opinion leaders.
  • Over the course of four weeks, these conversations revealed six overarching themes that these key players saw as central to Lyndra’s identity.
  • Orangefiery used these six themes to develop and articulate the brand positioning, including five brand attributes and four brand tensions that formed the foundation for the new brand.

Developing the Brand Visual Identity

  • Orangefiery worked with its brand design partner to develop Lyndra’s new visual identity. This process included facilitating ongoing conversations with the client to determine their creative direction and aesthetic preferences.
  • Orangefiery conducted workshops with leadership and employee focus groups, where the team presented a visual landscape of the pharmaceutical industry specific to Lyndra’s market space, and logo and color pallet options based on client feedback.
  • The Lyndra team aligned on a logo and logomark that would become Lyndra Therapeutics’ new visual identity.

Activating the New Brand & Visual Identity

  • Once the visual identity was established, Orangefiery created a comprehensive brand guide covering logo use, brand colors, writing style, tone of voice and tone of imagery along with a brand activation strategy. We also provided several branded assets in anticipation of the new brand rollout.
  • Orangefiery brought the brand identity to life in a new Lyndra website and suite of branded materials, including Zoom backgrounds, business cards and templates for newsletters, PowerPoint and social media. We also supported brand rollout communications, including a blog from the CEO, social media announcements, direct communications to key external stakeholders, and internal training and celebrations.

The Result

Orangefiery created a new brand informed by multi-stakeholder insights that paid homage to Lyndra’s engineering legacy and the distinct attributes of the company today, while also demonstrating its future potential. We also trained the Lyndra team on the new brand’s meaning and use, provided a suite of brand materials, and aligned Lyndra team members on how to maintain on-brand interactions with all stakeholders.

The new, modern, consumer-friendly visual identity and branded resources successfully reflected the attributes that make Lyndra unique, innovative and ready to deliver on its core promise and aspiration to reinvent medicine for a healthier world.

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