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Consulting and communications to help organizations navigate the path to growth

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Supporting Leaders of Organizational Functions

As a client-centric organization in strategy consulting and communications, we have deep experience working with executive teams and individual functional leaders to help them develop strategic plans to move their organization and their department forward.  

Executive leadership

We help executive teams through strategy consulting and communications to align on a common view of challenges and opportunities and articulate their strategies in a way that is clear to employees, investors, customers and other stakeholders. Our research approach, which emphasizes qualitative insights on issues and trends, is a valued stimulus for executive teams to approach strategic planning. Our highly collaborative workshops facilitated the development of strategic plans, brand strategy, brand activation, awareness campaigns and innovation, business transformation, crisis management, and other C-suite initiatives that are vital to a company’s path forward. 

Corporate Communications

The corporate communications function is increasingly vital as the function that manages an organization’s corporate brand and external engagement. We work with Chief Communications Officers and other leaders to optimize their functions, including governance, roles and responsibilities, process and workflows, and operating plans. We also support internal and external activation efforts around corporate brand, corporate reputation, patient advocacy, and issues management.


We work with Chief Commercial Officers to help them gain qualitative and quantitative research insights on audiences and issues. Our strategy consulting and communications firm has deep experience in pre-launch strategy planning. We have worked on market develop initiatives in multiple therapeutic areas and have experience In the biotech and biopharmaceutical space, we help commercial leaders develop integrated operating plans that include market development, disease awareness, and product communications efforts. 

Medical Affairs

The Medical Affairs function is responsible for objective, scientific communications with key opinion leaders (KOLs), clinical researchers, patient advocacy groups, and the scientific community writ large. We help Chief Medical Officers and their teams assess their environment, develop outreach strategies and scientific narratives, and execute educational programs that advance their goals  

Human Resources

In today’s organizations, ensuring that employees are engaged and informed about an organization’s strategy and growth is critical to a well-functioning company. We help leaders in HR and internal communications conduct research, develop messaging and deploy campaigns to increase understanding and engagement of company progress. We place a particular focus on developing communications efforts that provide employees with the information they need, in accessible channels, with high levels of accuracy, comprehensiveness, and trust. Whether through recruitment campaigns, employee engagement, business transformation, or culture efforts, we support HR leaders in delivering value to the organization.

Crisis and Issues Management

A crisis can emerge in virtually any function, but ultimately becomes critical for leaders in corporate communications, finance, and legal. Our strategy consulting and communications firm has significant experience providing support for crisis and risk assessment, crisis planning, scenario planning, training, and organizational development. In addition, we help our clients activate and manage cross-functional crisis response teams to manage issues when they emerge. Our focus on strategy development, measurement and monitoring, and preparedness helps teams. 

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