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Consulting and communications to help organizations navigate the path to growth

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What we do

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Where are you on your organizational journey?

The organizational journey is full of surprises and challenges. It requires vision and ambition. It requires a willingness to fail, a desire to learn and a commitment to adapt. It requires a deep understanding of the world in which you operate and what matters most to your stakeholders. 


At Orangefiery, we meet you wherever you are. You can count on us to do the research, craft the stories and develop the mechanisms for engagement that you need to make an impact. We also leave our clients with sustainable systems that allow their organizations to learn, evolve and continuously improve.

Our offerings

We work side by side with clients in a variety of industries. Here are a few of our offerings: 


Advocacy engagement is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s an expectation. That said, it is easy to “do” advocacy wrong. Strategically engaging with advocacy creates an opportunity for mutual learning, information sharing, aligned action and a host of other benefits. Advocacy engagement can support activities from clinical research and successful regulatory engagements to patient journey research and product launches. We partner with our clients to:

– Review key business questions/needs and where strategic advocacy engagement could play a role 

– Assess the advocacy landscape

– Establish advocacy engagement functions 

– Create advocacy strategies and strategic engagement plans

– Operationalize advocacy engagement, e.g., setting up meetings, serving as a point of contact and coordinating joint programming


Case study: Advocacy landscape and engagement

For companies approaching commercialization for the first time, there is a lot to create. Commercial and medical organizations need to be built. Key roles need to be filled, market research needs to be conducted and operating plans need to be created. This requires a clear vision for the future, alignment across all the functions of the business, and a multi-stakeholder plan that supports a significant increase in external stakeholder engagement and activity. We partner with our clients to: 

– Align their organizations around action 

– Ensure foundational elements are in place, such as messaging and lexicon, landscape and stakeholder insights, communications norms and governance, milestones and scenario planning, corporate and clinical trial branding

– Coordinate important stakeholder engagements, such as investor, media and advocacy relations, website and social media development, congress planning 

– Develop tools to support (and often execute) market development, disease awareness, HCP engagement and market access efforts  


Case study: Building a communications function

The journey through pre-clinical and clinical trials, regulatory milestones and product launch can be long and complex. We support multi-stakeholder communications for pharmaceutical and biotech companies at any stage of the research and commercialization process. We partner with our clients to:

– Develop brand milestone messaging and related content 

– Coordinate spokesperson development and message training 

– Promote data milestones through earned media, medical conference activities, R&D days and other events  

– Interact and share information with diverse stakeholder groups


Case study: Product communications

Our pharmaceutical and biotech partners play an important role in educating communities about the medical conditions they are focused on. In addition to indicating a company’s commitment to a disease area, disease awareness efforts increase knowledge and understanding, create new hope and bring together patient communities. We partner with our clients to:

– Assess disease understanding and unmet needs 

– Strategize on opportunities to fulfill unmet needs and make a meaningful impact, working together with KOL and/or advocacy partners 

– Execute disease awareness plans, from digital/social media campaigns to in-person conferences and events


Case study: Disease awareness

Driving changes in the standard of care, whether through practice change, disease awareness, payer outreach or policymaker engagement, involves a set of integrated pre-approval activities for most biopharma and biotech companies. We partner with our clients to:

– Create a landscape of current practice, through the lenses of patients, providers, policymakers and payers

– Develop goals that will serve the interests of stakeholders and create favorable conditions for product launch

– Create and validate a market development narrative that can be used as a source code for stakeholder-specific communications and campaigns

– Coordinate cross-functional campaigns to create measurable change


Case study: Market development narrative

All Industries

Humans are hard-wired for stories. We have been storytellers for generations, using story constructs to explain the world around us, educate and inspire, and communicate truths of human experience. We partner with clients to develop powerful narratives that: 

– Convey what your business stands for and why people should pay attention 

– Clarify and articulate business and market development strategies 

– Create alignment within organizations 

– Engage stakeholders and inspire change 


Case study: Corporate narrative development and investor communications

At its core, a brand is a promise of what an organization stands for and what it offers to those who engage with it. It is the collective expression of each communication, interaction, experience and promise. We partner with our clients to:

– Conduct qualitative research and brand surveys to understand stakeholder perceptions of and aspirations for their brand 

– Conduct visual landscape analyses to understand points of parity and points of differentiation for brands 

– Create insights-driven brand platforms and visual identities

– Create brand assets and comprehensive brand use guidelines 

– Roll out and activate new brands among multi-stakeholder audiences 


Case study: Brand development and activation

An inflection point is a moment when something foundational in a business is about to change. For leaders who look for inflection points and have the foresight to act at the right time, an inflection point can create great new opportunities for companies to make strategic shifts, grow and thrive. We partner with our clients to: 

– Conduct multi-modal research (e.g., desk research, interviews with organizational leaders and those “at the edges of the organization,” interviews with third parties) to understand potential inflection point scenarios 

– Facilitate conversations to define and prioritize potential inflection point scenarios  

– Establish systems to scan the environment for trigger points that might indicate an inflection point is coming   

Case study: Planning to operationalize customer centricity

At Orangefiery, we often focus on helping organizations navigate inflection points – a time when something foundational in their business is about to change. COVID-19 is the biggest disruption to lives and lifestyles that most of us have ever seen and is expected to have lasting effects on how people interact with each other and the brands they depend on. We partner with our clients to: 

– Gather insights from across the organization on the current and potential impact of COVID-19

– Facilitate cross-functional COVID-19 recovery/reentry teams to discuss what may change, scenario plan and identify potential trigger points for each scenario 

– Map and prioritize future scenarios 

– Establish systems to scan the environment for trigger points 

In today’s complex business environment, reputational risk has multiplied and a brand’s performance in the face of a crisis or emergent issue can make or break a company. We partner with our clients to: 

– Facilitate issues preparedness workshops to understand and align on potential risk categories and gaps in preparedness 

– Map and prioritize potential risks    

– Prepare issues response messaging aligned with high priority risks   

– Create simulation exercises for cross-functional teams

– Conduct message training and mock interviews to ensure comfort with messaging and responding to tough questions 

Case study: Issues preparedness

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