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Brand Narrative Development

Humans are hard-wired for stories. We have been storytellers for generations, using story constructs to explain the world around us, educate and inspire, and communicate truths of human experience. Our clients often have important stories to tell. Our firm helps with corporate and brand storytelling by designing corporate and brand narratives and messaging frameworks that will inform and engage stakeholders and drive meaningful change.

Specifically, our narrative and messaging framework offerings include:

Conveying what your business stands for and why people should pay attention to its story

Clarifying and articulating business and market development strategies

Creating alignment within organizations

Bringing your company story to life via corporate and investor presentations

Engaging stakeholders and inspiring change

Our proprietary narrative framework development process is highly collaborative, engaging multiple functions within an organization to develop a compelling, integrated and research-driven messaging that changes hearts and minds.


Case study: Corporate narrative development & investor communications

Image title reads "Addressing obesity through an endogenous homeostatic system" and contains subtext reading "A complex biological system maintains relatively constant stores of adipose (fat) tissue mass - in an effort to maintain a set point weight.” Image below text shows energy expenditure ratio to how much you eat through the illustration of five bodies, increasing in size from left to right.

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