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Meridith Styer

With more than ten years of professional communications experience in research, messaging, writing and project management, Meridith focuses on translating the deep insights of research into meaningful communications actions. She has researched and published extensively in the fields of political, religious, and gender rhetoric, including campaign message design and analysis, speech creation and delivery, and using research insights to guide best practices.

A former professor of rhetoric, Meridith loved helping students find their voices, pursue their passions and deepen their understanding and abilities through research. While teaching during the covid-19 pandemic, Meridith advocated for public health measures and vaccine campaigns at her institutions and discovered a passion for creating research-driven healthcare communications.

In education, Meridith led content creation projects, including building fully digital education experiences, community-service-based educational programs and portfolio-building courses for students. She is also committed to non-profit work centered around promoting accessibility and equity in her communities, including for victims of domestic violence, LGBTQ+ teens, food-insecure families, and veterans.


Fun facts:

– Meridith trained in classical opera as a coloratura soprano before deciding on communications as her professional path. She still sometimes irritates her kids and scares the pets by singing Mozart in the house.

– Meridith loves sewing and regularly designs and makes her own clothes, costumes for local theater productions, and home furnishings.

– Meridith loves the outdoors and is an avid hiker, camper, and kayaker. She also loves to surf, snorkel, and scuba dive any time she is near the ocean.



– Doctor of Philosophy in communication with a focus on rhetoric and political culture from the University of Maryland, College Park

– Graduate Studies certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park

– Master’s in communication and organizations from Liberty University

– Bachelor’s in speech communication from Liberty University