We’re a boutique communications consultancy that helps leaders and brands solve complex communications problems critical to their success.
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Meet the team 2

Our people are:

  • Fearlessly inquisitive: We’re always looking to ask the question that will take us to the most powerful answer.
  • System thinkers: We believe in the importance of understanding how stakeholders are connected and where they are heading.
  • Concept integrators: We work to crystallize actionable insights that can be applied to brand marketing and communications.
  • Engaged in the world: We are avid consumers and observers of the trends and movements shaping our modern society.
  • Invested in clients: We’re not just partners. We’re focused on helping our clients succeed.

We are a unique firm based on shared values and informed by common experiences.

Mike Kuczkowski

San Francisco

Mike founded Orangefiery in 2014 to provide a rigorous, analytical approach to solving complex communications problems. During his more than 20 years in communications, Mike has helped some of the biggest names in business address complex public issues, improve their reputations and achieve commercial success. An 11-year veteran of Edelman, the world’s largest PR firm, Mike served in a variety of senior roles in the corporate and healthcare practices, launched the firm’s management consulting division and was General Manager of its San Francisco office. Prior to beginning his PR career, Mike worked in politics and journalism. He is a recognized thought leader on communications and influence, and author of the Orangefiery blog.

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