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What is Market Development Planning?

To successfully launch a new product, it’s important to prime the market, to grow interest and create an established need. This is achieved by implementing market development strategies that inform and educate the market ahead of a launch. Market development planning is the critical step before implementation, wherein we define what those needs and opportunities are, and establish a clear path forward for us to execute against.

The result is an actionable plan with defined objectives, concise messaging, and clear stakeholder engagement activities and timelines.

Our Approach to Market Development Planning

During market development planning, we collaborate and engage with your organization’s leadership, hosting workshops and meetings with cross-functional teams to establish opportunities and align around outcomes.

We work with your organization to create a robust, mutually beneficial vision for the future that all stakeholders can embrace. A vision that imagines the positive impact your innovation will have on the market. This narrative forms the basis for marketing campaigns, stakeholder engagement efforts, investor presentations, and other communications efforts.

Finally, we incorporate timelines and sequencing to ensure the right message is delivered to the right stakeholders at precisely the right time.

Define opportunities within the marketplace and establish priorities based on research and insights

Collaborate with your organizations’ teams and leadership to establish a shared understanding of the opportunities and desired outcomes

Create a clear market development narrative that addresses the needs of each stakeholder segment

Develop an actionable plan with timelines and milestones that will evolve the market

Ensure Your Product Launch is a Success

At Orangefiery, we place an emphasis on market development planning because it works. It gets the whole organization working to move the market in the same direction. Without it, market development strategies can lack focus, cohesiveness, and come up short in terms of results.

Bringing people together, aligning on goals, and making sure we are addressing the true needs and opportunities of the marketplace – that’s the cornerstone of market development planning, and the key to implementing market development strategies and campaigns that succeed. 

To learn more about how Orangefiery can prime your target market for a new product, and grow interest and excitement ahead of launch, complete the form below or give us a call at 415-384-8677.

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