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Corporate Brand Positioning

Modern corporate brands need to connect with a variety of audiences, across a number of communication channels, over the long-term, which is why Orangefiery implements a brand insight strategy to thoroughly understand each stakeholder’s aspirations and expectations of your brand. Likewise, when we build your corporate brand positioning, we take a proprietary approach that ensures your brand has the definition required to fulfill every need, from advocacy outreach and social media to your ad agency and PR firm. 

Our Corporate Brand Positioning Strategy

Guided by the information gathered during the corporate brand insights exercise, we develop your brand role, attributes, tensions and brand narrative through a combination of synthesis and workshops with your internal leadership team.

Brand Role

This is the role your brand plays in the real world, specifically in relation to the stakeholders you care about. Your role may be that of a problem solver, or perhaps an innovator or an educator. Your brand role defines how you show up, whether on social media, in face-to-face interactions or anywhere else you communicate with stakeholders.   

Brand Attributes

These are the characteristics and personality traits of your brand – the adjectives that describe your brand and humanize it. Both your primary and secondary corporate brand attributes should align with your core values and resonate with your stakeholders’ personal characteristics and feelings. Examples might include dependable, progressive, altruistic and compassionate.

Brand Tensions

Tensions are contradictions within a brand that give it energy and vitality. For example, your brand may be both innovative and familiar, or complex yet clear. Unlike points of friction, the goal is not to resolve brand tensions, but rather to embrace them as part of your brand core and learn how to work through these complex dualities.

Brand Narrative

The brand narrative is a concise messaging framework that embeds the key element of storytelling in your brand core, and forms the basis for your communications and marketing. It’s the story of your history, mission and values, told in such a way as to create an emotional, value-driven connection between your stakeholders and your brand.

Build a Better Brand with Orangefiery’s Corporate Brand Positioning

When your brand identity is well thought out and clearly defined, your customers are more likely to connect with your brand, remember it and engage with it. Without a robust corporate brand positioning, you give your marketing and communications teams limited information with which to work, and you risk creating a visual identity that falls flat and fails to attract customers.

By defining your brand role, attributes, tensions and brand narrative, Orangefiery creates the blueprint for your brand’s visual identity. These brand elements are then reflected in your logo and website design, product packaging, brand voice, copy and more.

To build a brand that stands the test of time and resonates with audiences across all communication channels, complete the form below or give us a call at 415-384-8677.

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