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Corporate Brand Insights

A corporate brand is more than just your company’s visual identity, it’s a truly multi-dimensional representation of your company’s past, present and future. Everything you say and do – how you interact with a variety of audiences, from your employees to investors to customers – is all a representation of your brand.

Given a brand’s complexity, it’s critical that we gather insights before we dive into brand development. We need to understand who you are as a company and establish where you’ve been, as well as where you are headed. A multi-dimensional, qualitative and quantitative approach to gathering corporate brand insights allows Orangefiery to develop a brand that not only resonates with both your internal and external audiences, but establishes a clear role for your brand in the real world.

Our Brand Insight Strategy

We start by learning your perceptions and aspirations for your brand. We then compare those perceptions with external perspectives, including media coverage and other market research, to create a comprehensive set of brand insights.

Internal Corporate Brand Insights

Through a series of interviews conducted over several weeks, we talk to executives, board members and leaders within your company who have a responsibility to your external audiences, or stakeholders. We use our background in journalism to understand internal perceptions and aspirations for your brand, and we may host a series of employee focus groups to ensure we have a well-rounded internal perspective of the company’s brand and needs. 

External Corporate Brand Insights

We then turn our lens outside, conducting interviews with external stakeholders, such as customers, investors or key opinion leaders. For already established brands, we conduct brand surveys and focus groups to understand how external audiences think and feel about the brand. These insights are supplemented with quantitative research on your social media channels and assessments of existing marketing materials and media coverage, to fully understand what the experience with your brand has been thus far, as well as what the expectations are of you in the future.

Putting it all Together

Once all of the research and data have been collected, we are able to identify where there are opportunities and challenges, as well as points of parity and differentiation. We then synthesize this qualitative data into a comprehensive report that we bring back to the leadership team with actionable insights to guide brand development.

To learn more about how Orangefiery can help your organization develop a thorough understanding of your brand and its role in the real world, complete the form below or give us a call at 415-384-8677.

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