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Brand Visual Identity

Once the brand positioning is clearly defined, we begin developing your brand’s visual identity. Creativity plays an important role in visual identity development. We couple that with an analytical approach, as with everything we do at Orangefiery.

Your logomark, including its colors, typeface and layout, is informed by your brand core in addition to an assessment of how it will stand out within the visual landscape of your industry. Analyzing the choices already made by other organizations in the marketplace provides a reference point for making decisions about your own brand’s visual identity, and ensures every design decision is rooted in logic, as well as aesthetics.

Our Approach to Brand Visual Identity

Using analytical thinking and creative design, we empower organizations to make smart creative choices and build strong visual identities that align with your brand role, attributes, tensions and narrative.

Visual Landscape Analysis

We perform a comprehensive analysis of the existing logos in the industry, identifying visual similarities and emerging patterns or themes. Logos are grouped together by color palette, typography, form and layout, and presented to your team. 

During these brand visual identity workshops, we discuss the various color choices and the feelings they invoke, as well as typefaces, layout, form and overall aesthetics of the designs. The goal is to ignite a dialogue, to get your team talking about their likes and dislikes in an informed way, and to ultimately decide if your brand will be consistent with, and complement, the current landscape, or strategically different, yet still aligned with the industry.  

Graphic Design & Creative

Our design team incorporates the feedback and preferences from the visual landscape analysis, along with the brand role, attributes, tensions, and narrative defined in the brand core positioning strategy, to develop multiple logomark concepts. The logo variations are presented to your organization for feedback, and the choice of colors, typography and form are all explained in relation to your brand core and the visual landscape. 

The review process typically begins at the executive level, with our designers making adjustments to the logos, as needed. Once the field is narrowed down to two or three concepts, the logos along with proposed brand color palettes and typographies are typically shared with employee focus groups to arrive at a final decision. Depending on need, we will also work with you to conduct external testing of new logo concepts to inform the final selection.

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Creating your brand visual identity is all about choices. By incorporating an analytical element into the inherently creative process, Orangefiery lends support and substance to your organization’s decisions, and provides our designers with more insight on your preferences and vision.  The result is a memorable, engaging visual identity that aligns with your brand position and the industry as a whole. 

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