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Brand Activation

We’ve gathered insights about your brand, defined your brand positioning, and created a strong visual identity. Now it’s time to introduce your brand to the world. 

At Orangefiery, we bring your brand to life, through launch, and beyond. More than simply delivering your brand assets and usage guidelines, we think about your brand in a multi-channel way, and work through every aspect of your brand reveal with a clear plan and brand activation strategy.

Our Brand Activation Strategy

Launching or relaunching a brand is exciting, and we help build that excitement within your organization while also fostering a sense of brand stewardship. From an external perspective, we consider all the places where people will interact with your brand, and outline a brand activation plan that we can execute across every channel.

Internal Brand Activation

To create excitement and introduce your new visual identity to employees with brand stewardship roles, we host “Brand Camps” for your team. We talk about where the logo came from, the choices that were made around colors, typography and brand attributes, and how to properly use the brand within visual materials, written content and every in person engagement with stakeholders. 

We also provide a comprehensive “Brand Guide” that details the dos and don’ts around your brand, including tone of imagery and writing, in addition to the visual elements and assets. We review the Brand Guide with your team to ensure proper brand usage, and offer ongoing brand activation consulting and support should questions arise during real-world implementation. 

We like to drum up excitement when a new brand launches, and can support swag development and mailings, internal celebrations/events and internal communications in support of a brand launch.

External Brand Activation

When rolling out your new visual identity to the world, we consider all the places where – and how – people will experience it, including your website, exterior signage, packaging, business cards, printed marketing materials, social media, TV commercials, trade shows, and everything in between. We develop a thoughtful plan for activating your brand across each of these channels and follow through on the implementation.

We also customize your brand activation plan depending on whether you’re launching a new brand or refreshing an existing one, and we continue to support you post-launch, acting as brand ambassadors on all other marketing and communication efforts.

Partner with an Experienced Brand Activation Firm

Creating a brand is an investment. Activating a brand deserves the same careful consideration. Let Orangefiery guide you through the process and ensure a successful brand launch. Complete the form below or give us a call at 415-384-8677.

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