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Alison Reenock

Alison has extensive experience in client services, having served as a consultant for various nonprofits, both nationally and internationally, to support their development communications needs and help them reach their fundraising goals.

At Orangefiery, Alison uses her client-focused approach and experience in strategic planning to support the team in program management and execution, content development and research.

Alison previously served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand, with many of her projects focusing on education development in rural communities.


Fun facts:

– During her time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand, Alison became fluent in the Thai language. Even after her service, she continues to practice the language with friends that she made in Thailand.

– Alison is an avid long-distance runner, and has finished both a half marathon (13.1 miles) and a full marathon (26.2 miles).



– Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from Temple University