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Advocacy Landscape Analysis

Successful advocacy engagement starts with strong insights. We begin by conducting an in-depth advocacy landscape analysis that provides a sense of the entire advocacy environment within your therapeutic area(s) of focus. 

An advocacy landscape analysis  allows you to determine which advocacy groups are most aligned with your work, and influential with the constituencies you care about, and which have the capabilities and resources to make an impact. It also ensures you fully understand their recent activities and current priorities.

Our Unique Approach to Advocacy Landscape Research

We use a broad lens, objective framing and analytical process when conducting advocacy group research. This allows for setting aside biases that may arise from past experiences,relationships and assumptions. 

Step 1: Identify Relevant Advocacy Groups

We identify as many organizations as we can in your area of focus, including broad-based advocacy groups, issue- or disease-specific advocacy groups, coalitions and campaigns. Next, we refine the list to focus on those organizations that have the most aligned missions and focus areas. 

Step 2: Conduct Advocacy Group Research

Using a set analytical tool, we research each advocacy group’s strategic priorities, key resources, major activities, communications approach, policy agendas, reach, influence and more. We then employ a customized rubric to assess each advocacy group’s alignment and influence.

Step 3: Identify Priority Advocacy Groups

We share the findings of our advocacy landscape analysis, and how different organizations rank against each other using a visual map. By visually mapping the groups, we’re able to clearly identify priority “targets” for advocacy engagement and collaboration.

Step 4: Provide Advocacy Engagement Recommendations

We create scorecards for each advocacy group to provide critical at-a-glance information and provide a set of engagement recommendations and detailed suggestions and timing for connecting with each of these priority organizations in the near-term and future years. 

Ultimately, the advocacy landscape analysis allows you to make smart, informed decisions about your organization’s advocacy engagement planning and priorities, and provides guidance on how to best use your limited advocacy engagement resources to make the biggest impact. 

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