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Advocacy Programming & Collaborations

When developing advocacy programming and campaigns, we start by looking at your organization’s goals, and how they align with the advocacy world in your space. 

More than simply offering support or developing our own isolated advocacy campaigns, we form partnerships with aligned groups and work collaboratively to co-create programming that doesn’t yet exist. 

This enables advocacy collaborators to be an integral part in the pursuit of progress, not just another sponsor logo on a t-shirt.

Developing the Advocacy Engagement Strategy

Once we’ve completed the advocacy landscape analysis and determined which groups are the best fit for your organization, we further refine your advocacy engagement strategy by considering the following:

What is your mission or purpose as an organization?

What are your near-term and long-term goals?

What are we trying to achieve from a strategic standpoint?

Armed with these insights, we develop advocacy programming and campaigns completely customized around what you aim to achieve for your organization and the broader community.

Facilitating Advocacy Collaborations

For sustainable success, advocacy programming requires collaboration. Rather than creating an advocacy campaign in a vacuum and asking advocacy groups to promote it, we partner with these groups to develop outreach campaigns aligned around similar goals. Maybe there’s a policy initiative that’s meaningful, or multiple advocacy groups that serve different stakeholders, but all want the same thing. We facilitate these advocacy collaborations to create programming that serves mutual goals.

Co-Creating Advocacy Programming & Campaigns

Our co-creation approach to advocacy programming includes setting up introductory meetings, which facilitate the sharing of and aligning around goals and exploring of what’s possible through creative thinking, brainstorming sessions and an open exchange of ideas. Once we’ve determined the campaign, goal or initiative that we’re going to work on together, we continue to serve as a point of contact and coordinate and support the advocacy groups on the implementation of joint programming.

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